Infamous for Kids

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Why this matters to Infamous? It has often been said that children are the greatest teachers. Over the years, we have had the opportunity, to watch people a third our ages (or more!) stand up to bullying, illness, and various other battles with ferocious tenacity and then still be able to give the world a smile. Our shop manager, JR, has four children of his own, including handicapped twins, who inspire him every day with their accomplishments. The owner EC, while not a parent himself, was forever changed when he met his dear friend’s nephew, Will the Warrior, who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and passed away within the first years of his life. Will underwent countless surgeries and was constantly in and out of the hospital and yet, he always had a huge smile that touched the hearts of so many people while he was alive. EC also had a dear friend from high school who had Aspergers and endured bullying and EC took it upon himself to stop that as soon as he heard about it. This is why proceeds from the above designs go to organizations for anti-bullying and children’s health.

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