Internally Illuminated Signs

Internally LED illuminated signs are often custom bent metal boxes, letters, or shapes that have faces with translucent vinyl that allow for light to pass through, making your sign easily visible at night. At Infamous, we offer multiple options for this type of signage: lightboxes, channel letters and encapsulations. The most commonly known and simplest option is a lightbox. This is a square or rectangular box. This option is best suited for logos that naturally fit that shape. Channel letters are a more complex type of signage. In this option, each letter is hand bent and separate from all of the other letters in the business name. These letters can have a large impact if the business logo/letters have a bold, easy to read font. The last and least well know option would be an encapsulation. Encapsulations are custom built boxes that are shaped around the letters and the logo. While more complex than a lightbox they also require less production time and materials than channel letters which make them a great option to get a dimensional look while saving a bit on cost and wait time.

Externally Illuminated Signs

Non-illuminated signs are often made out of metal or high density sign foam. Unlike illuminated signs, these signs require external lighting in order to be visible at night. The two most common methods of external illumination are downlit (lit from above) and uplit (lit from below). A third option for this type of signage would be backlit. However, a number of businesses also use this signage without any lighting. Metal signs can be used for main building signage, blade signs that protrude off the sides of buildings, or hanging signs. They can also label different parts of a location or as directional signs; i.e. ‘Entrance’, ‘Garage Bay 1’, ‘Deliveries’. This type of signage can also be routed to a custom shape or even have routed or carved letters and logos. 

Monument & Pylon Signs

Often the first sign of your business that is noticed, pylon and monument signs often stand a bit away from the building to alert potential customers of your business when they drive by. To this degree, these signs can play a large role in attracting business to your doorstep. A monument sign is a ground sign generally having a low profile with little or no open space between the ground and the sign. They will have a custom built structure consisting of masonry, wood, metal, or materials similar in appearance that sits on a base or foundation. Pylon signs usually soar high above your business location and are ideal for plazas or busy neighborhoods. These will get attention from motorists who are still a long way away. 

Interior Signs

Beyond the signs that you frequently see outside of a business, there are also a number of interior signs that can display your logo throughout the business or showcase any policies/regulations, directions, or services. While a square or rectangular sign can always be mounted onto a wall, another common type of interior sign is routed logos or letters. Metal and sign foam can be routed to individual letters, logos, or shapes which can then be mounted directly onto a wall or standoff from a wall. 

Digital Displays

Digital Displays, such as message centers and LED boards, have come a long way within the past couple of years. Now working with Cirrus LED, Infamous Graphics can retrofit LED boards directly into a custom sign or alter an existing sign to accommodate one. The most versatile signage out there, LED boards can be programmed using wifi to display any message, greeting, picture, or even live video footage. It allows for the unique opportunity to update content daily with sales, specials, or photos of any recent work from your business.